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M&P H5J Table of Contents

Last modified on June 25, 2015.
  1. M&P TBW Blog (subscribe)
  2. M&P History and Influences
  3. M&P H5J is "Silverlight in HTML5"
  4. M&P H5J Cross-platform Portability
  5. M&P H5J Concepts and Facilities
  6. M&P Implicit Parallelism
  7. M&P Implicit Parallelism => Dataflow
  8. M&P H5J Some BXaml H5J Images
  9. M&P H5J Some BXaml NET Images
  10. M&P H5J More Concepts and Facilities
  11. M&P TBW BLOCS-inside-BLOCKS
  12. M&P H5J Stylized Views
  13. M&P H5J Distributed Processing on Internet
  14. M&P BXaml in .NET, Part 1
    Instantiation of WinForm applications
  15. M&P BXaml in .NET, Part 2
    Instantiation of WPF applications
  16. M&P BXaml in .NET, Part 3
    A Pipeline ported from TypeScript and Comments
  17. M&P - The BUS
  18. M&P TBW Plug-and-Play Plugins
  19. M&P BXaml Styles and Themes
  20. M&P Running in an Smart TV
  21. M&P H5J Device Hosted Applications
  22. M&P H5J in Automation and Robotics
  23. M&P in Astronomy: The Two-Frequencies Model of the
    Solar Planetary System formation

Forthcoming Articles

  • M&P Simple but not Easy
  • M&P BScript Scripting Everywhere
  • M&P Irreducible Conplexity
  • M&P Code Evolution by Refactoring
  • M&P Metrics Driven Refactoring
  • M&P Emergence of Patterns
  • M&P Patterns Driven Refactoring
  • M&P .NET-HTML5 Interoperation
  • M&P Hierarchical Structure with Heterarchical Communication
  • M&P H5J Observable Properties
  • M&P Databinding
  • M&P H5J Node.js operation reproduced in .NET
  • M&P H5J Databinding system
  • M&P H5J BXaml Markup Extensions
  • M&P H5J BXaml Type and Value Converters
  • M&P H5J The BLOCKS World in Node.JS
  • M&P Security
  • M&P H5J Roadmap
  • M&P H5J Project statistics
  • M&P H5J BXaml Data Templates
  • M&P Model Driven In-Memory DB



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