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M&P H5J Stylized Views

Posted on May 24, 2013 by Herman Dolder
Last modified on August 22, 2013.

To build the user interface M&P provides a windowing system based on "stacked" popup windows that allows multitasking within an H5J application.

An H5J application uses a single web static page which allows the user to login and whose content is then changed by the application by dynamically loading and displaying XView BLOCKS.

Each XView BLOCK displays a View on application data, and contains BXaml and TypeScript code that instantiate the HTML and SGV Elements displayed.

Styling Views

BXaml implements Styles (Explicit and Implicit) and Themes.

BXaml introduces the BStyle BLOCK to support the styling of BLOCKS, HTML elements and SVG elements.

BXaml Hybrid styling

In H5J BXaml styles can coexist with inline CSS styles. BXaml styles can override inline CSS styles settings and viceversa.



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